Monday, July 18, 2022

Our First 5 Star Editorial Review for Dimes, Profiles and Wives: Today's Proverbs 31 Woman

We earned our first 5 Star Editorial Review for the first book in the Dimes, Profiles and Wives series from Reader's Favorite. Also, we are the running for their awards contest. Blessings are coming for Toyshelf Services LLC and our founder Toya Raylonn Vickers!

Maria Victoria Beltran

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5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review! 

Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite
Dimes, Profiles and Wives: Today's Proverbs 31 Woman by Toya Raylonn Vickers is a Christian novel about three modern-day women desperately seeking to fall in love, marry and live happily ever after. Owner of the relatively successful Ooo-lala Hair Salon, Tracey is dating two men, Charles (Chucky) Alexander Pryor, Jr and Robert Thrasher. Chucky is a junior partner at his father’s accounting firm, a renowned company on the East Coast. Robert, on the other hand, is involved in some kind of shady business. Sharon is a church-going African American lawyer who is a control freak. She is dating Cornelius Eugene Wynd, a partner at one of the largest law firms on the East Coast. Destiny is a licensed clinical social worker who just discovered that Stan Milton Reid, the man she is engaged to marry, is not what she thinks he is. Frustrated, she calls the wedding off but Stan is still pursuing her. The three are the best of friends and they want to live up to the standards of a true Proverbs 31 woman in the modern world. As the novel unravels, we get to know them intimately as the new year starts and they seek their life partners. These women are not lacking in men interested in them but first, they need to begin to live in a good and sensible way to find the right man in their lives. Will they finally find what they are looking for at the end of the year?

Toya Raylonn Vickers's Dimes, Profiles and Wives is a very engaging story about friendship and love in the contemporary world. Sharon's, Tracey's, and Destiny's stories can actually be read as stand-alone novels but having them together in one novel lets the reader look at a much bigger picture. Women can easily relate to the characters emotionally because, in spite of the growing independence of women today, having the right partner in life is what most of us still dream of. This novel will have readers laughing, crying, and swooning at one time or another. Tracey, Sharon and Destiney are certainly not perfect human beings but they all have redeeming qualities. Exploring positive and negative relationships, the narrative tries to uncover the many pitfalls and common errors in relationships and suggests that having God at the center of your relationship will result in harmony and longevity.

Sometimes romantic, sometimes tragic, Dimes, Profiles and Wives will also make you think about families and humanity. Indeed, reading this novel will help readers discover the reasons why relationships do not work and, perhaps by doing so, find the partner who is meant for them. The book also explores what it means to be a Proverbs 31 Woman in an ever-changing world and it is a very enlightening read. I recommend this book to men and women out there who are looking for the right person they can spend the rest of their lives with!