Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Series End

     When you have so much going on like I do, it’s hard to keep up with the plans you made for yourself all the time. My latest work, To Say I Do is the final book in the series for Dimes, Profiles and Wives. It has been sitting inside my laptop waiting to get out for about three months now, but finally I gave birth to the baby. It took me a little over three years to finish the work, have it edited and get it ready for publishing under my imprint ToyShelf Publishing. It was hard work, and right now I’m a little sad.

I’m sad because this storyline took a lot out of me. One of the main characters, Destiny Karen Price, was written based off of my life and dreams thereof. Her real fight with bipolar disorder is an everyday battle that I can attest to without a shadow of a doubt. Most of the scenes that she went through in the book is based on true events in my life. It is a wonder how I have made it over, yet and still God got me and has had me in the palm of His hand all of my life.

To Say I Do is a book that I hope readers will connect with on so many different levels. It will have you asking questions about true love, the joys of life and the trials and tribulations that build character in people. Still though, I believe it will be an enjoyable read. The ones who have been waiting all this time since the beginning when Tracey first slapped the doo-doo out of Fatima will finally see how it all pans out.

If you will, please take a gander at the entire series. I put my foot in it, as the old folks would say. I want to thank all my readers who have followed my budding writing career thus far and haven’t wavered even though it has taken me some time to finish projects. I don’t think you will be disappointed in how Dimes, Profiles and Wives the series comes to an end.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Long Hiatus

For almost two years I have been on a long hiatus from my blog. I have been concentrating on caring for my ailing mother, working during a pandemic and finishing my last book in the series for Dimes, Profiles and Wives. It has been so well worth it though. I had some ups and downs, but for the most part my life has been full of joy, love and peace. One major downer though was the decision to divorce my husband. 

Although he put on a major facade that he was in love with me for who I was, in the end I found out the hard way that his opportunistic and narcissistic ways were tearing me apart. Before him, I had not been in the hospital for almost ten years battling bipolar psychotic episodes. During our marriage, I was in and out of the hospital at least once a year for five years. That was too much, finally I had had enough and put a stop to the madness. I am happy to say I stepped up and out on faith, listened to the discerning spirit that I had been running from for years and ended it. I learned so many lessons in that relationship. I will write about it and tell the story one day.  I want others who may feel trapped in a marriage, dealing with emotional, verbal or even physical abuse to be empowered so that they feel like they don’t have to put up with appearances to please everyone when in reality all it is doing is destroying their self worth. 

Another downer is the fact that my mother is going through the pains of dealing with PSP. PSP is progressive supranuclear palsy which is in the family of Parkinson’s. There is really no formal treatment for it other than continued physical, occupational, and speech therapies. She has someone in and out of the house Tuesday through Friday helping her keep a stint of regular life for as long as she can. And as long as I can care for her safely we will be living together.

The greatest thing to happen is the completion of my first series. It was a long time coming but I finally got it finished and I believe the project is my best work. I put my best foot forward in this last book of the series. When you finally get into the nitty gritty of it all, you will be shocked, but delighted in the end. The girlfriends helped grow me into the woman I am today and showed me how to be real in the moment without sugar coating anything. My motto has been giving you the real testimonies in print while I create something new everyday. Well, these ladies' lives are testimonies of parts of my life and the lives of people that I know personally. Of course, embellishments sell and I would never throw anybody totally under the bus (but if you cross me you’ll probably die in print).