Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Character Spotlight: Destiny Karen Price

In my first book the third main character, Destiny Karen Price, is a woman of God whose life has been riddled with chaos. She watched her mother destroy her family and then herself. She fell to the seduction of a man who could never truly love her. Yet on top of that, she has to deal with a mental health disease that could hinder all of her future goals. Still though, Destiny triumphs because her praise and worship help to fulfill her purpose and destiny.

I named this character Destiny Karen Price because to get to your destiny you have to pay the price of purpose. What is the price of purpose? It is to go through many tests, trials and tribulations to get to the promises that God has over your life. Purpose builds character. As Destiny walks in her purpose she is attacked on every side. She doesn’t realize that because of her faith in God and commitment to be like Christ in everything, the enemy wants to destroy her. She has an exceptional praise that is pleasing unto God and brings comfort and edification to the people of God. As a worshipper of the living God, Destiny has to go through the storms of life because her testimony will set captives free.

She knows what it means to be a virtuous woman of God and a good wife as presented in Proverbs 31:10-31. She knows that being a dime piece ain’t nothing but a being a piece of change, a coin, to be collected and bartered with. She knows that being a control freak is a sign of the spirit of Jezebel which profiles the most demonic spirit on earth and cannot be allowed to wreak havoc among the people. Still though, she thinks her purpose is only to be a gospel singer. She wants to sing to the Glory of God, be a wife to a good man and social worker for her community. She wants it all, but it will cost her. Even though she steps into her calling easily she begins to realize that the calling on her life has consequences that she does not want to deal with. But God will get the glory out of her life anyhow.

Destiny’s story was developed as a mirror to my life. Because of my calling, to prophesy and edify the people, I have been through many tests, trials and tribulations. I have been tested in my faith and have even turned away from God at times because the walk was just too hard. Still though, God has been blessing me and gave me this story to tell people who may not know who God is that He is indeed a good God. Each of the characters in this book mirror a time in my life where I went through certain trials and tribulations. This book series will take you on a journey into the lives of three women who at first don’t know who they are or what their purpose and destiny will be. They believe that getting married is the end all and be all, but God has something in store for each of their lives that they must come to terms with first. Find out if Destiny meets her destiny in my premiere novel Dimes, Profiles and Wives. Then in the late fall, continue following her story and the stories of Sharon and Tracey in Dimes, Profiles and Wives 2: Love Without a Limit.

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