Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fool for Love: An Inside Look

The story behind Fool for Love is based on actual events. Debbie, the main character of the short story, has been suffering from extreme bouts of loneliness and low self-esteem. Although she looks to God for her present help, a lonely night spent flirting on a chat line leads her down a treacherous road. When she meets Antonio, she doesn’t realize that he is the devil in disguise.

Debbie could be anybody out there who has ever been so lonely that they settle for the first person that shows them attention. She follows God, has a prayer life, and attends church frequently. She has friends, a close-knit family and a community surrounding her that she should be happy with. But she has gotten bored with life and wonders where is her Boaz. Due to increasing desires of her flesh, she turns her back on God and falls into the trap set by the devil with Antonio.

Her misery begins the first time she meets Antonio, but she still won’t turn back into the arms of the Lord. Unfortunately, several disheartening events take place that eventually put her life in harms way before she finally returns to Jesus. Debbie remembers that God’s love is deeper and more everlasting than any man’s. She learns to love herself first with the help of her family, friends and health professionals.

Sometimes we become a fool for love when we allow our flesh to take over. The devil can really throw you into a pit when that happens. Often it takes a life-threatening incident to make us realize the real love God has for us. Still though, there is always hope that He will always love us, despite all our shortcomings.

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Fool For Love

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