Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Character Spotlight: Tracey Ann Simmons

My first novel, Dimes, Profiles, and Wives opens showing you the life of Tracey Ann Simmons. I developed this character arc based on my past life as well as the lives of close friends and acquaintances. She is the dime piece in the story.

What is a dime piece you say? She’s that "it" girl, the girl every man wants on their arm. Tracey's a vixen who knows how to use her beauty to conquer men. The problem with this type of woman is she’s just for play. No man really wants the “it” girl as a wife unless he’s willing to deal with all the other men chasing her as well as her whorish ways.

A dime piece type of woman is riddled with self esteem issues and likened to Gomer from the book of Hosea in the Bible. She thinks the only way to get and keep a man is by using her body. Sex is a weapon and she knows how to use it well. She’ll even prostitute herself out to get whatever she wants.

In the book Tracey has a good man on the hook, Charles “Chucky” Alexander Pryor Jr. Still though, she can’t have just one man, especially one as boring as an accountant. Throughout the story and series, you’ll find out what it takes for her to become a Proverbs 31 good wife. Will she finally grow into a woman of virtue or remain a piece of change?

Check out the book here:
Dimes, Profiles, and Wives

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