Monday, October 12, 2015

Slap in the Face

The Million Man March, what can I say? It was ignored by all major media outlets which is a slap in the face to all African Americans. If you don’t realize here in America as African Americans, no as a Black person, you are not important to the majority rule. You are a fool. It’s an inbred fact and it’s being perpetuated every day.

Why is it that when we are violent it gets all of the media coverage; but when we are peaceful, even though the message is antagonistic, we are usually ignored? I’ll tell you why. It’s because in order for the continued “success” of this country Black people have to remain second class citizens. Even though our wealth feeds this country, we cannot feed ourselves. I swear I’m so tired of it that it sickens me.

Why do I have to explain to my husband, a student at the esteemed Ohio State University and native Nigerian, why there is a need for Black student unions and separate entities that uplift my community? It bothers me that I have to explain that to any outsider looking in who clearly does not get it. He was born into a community that knows who they are, where they come from and where they are going. He can literally trace his roots to Kings where his sur name means “crown of wealth”. Now can I do that, can most Blacks? I think not.

The mental, physical and spiritual castration of the Black man has been continuously perpetuated throughout generations in our community. The attack started when the first African was stolen from their family to till the land of another country (not workers McGraw Hill). It will not end until he, the Black man, cannot produce heirs. 

Why do you think being homosexual is the in thing to do now? If you take away a man’s ability to reproduce you kill generations. These genocidal actions, whether objectively perceived or realistically carried out, like the murder of Tamir Rice, needs to be addressed people. I can tell you the truth, integration has killed our community. Please for the love of God, stay woke.

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