Friday, June 26, 2015

Times have changed

This month a landmark event has taken place. In all actuality two landmarks took place. The LGBT citizens of the United States now have the right to marry who they love and their marriage be deemed  legal in all 50 states. The POTUS spoke out reverently on racial divides and outwardly approved the condemnation of a symbol that has continuously terrorized peoples of color. Both of these truths are taking our country into unmarked territory.

To the cynics, it’s time to recognize that we are all one, a human race, whether African American, gay or straight. As a Christian I know one thing, God is still God and His word is true. My opinion on gay marriage is that it is a choice and if one chooses to be gay and to marry then that is their decision. I will respect anyone who has the courage to live the life that they want to live just as I do every day.

The killings at the AME church in Charleston, SC were an event that haunts me still today. Even as Senator Pinckney was laid to rest and President Obama gave his eulogy, I pondered where is this country going? Now that the “last” group of people who felt their rights had been trampled on have their landmark decision made, is that enough? I will have to say it is not. Why, because there will still be atrocities taken out on my people and this country still doesn’t want to deal with that. So congratulations to the LGBT community. The timing was now but it is bittersweet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Facebook the distractor

One thing that gets on my nerves is when I sit down to write is being distracted. I can get distracted by some of the silliest things. One of them would be good ole Facebook. Sometimes I really think that Facebook is the devil. I will sit down and have all these ideas flowing for one of my characters but I just see the button to go to Facebook and there I go.

Sometimes it’s a good distraction but more likely than not it is not. People get on there and forget to show a little decorum. Then it’s all of those cute little videos of children growing up and those pets OMG. So the next thing I know the five minutes I was supposed to spend to actually make a post on my author’s page turns into two hours of nothingness.

That is one of the nuances of being a writer. The first thing is classic avoidance by distraction. What that really means is I am avoiding the inevitable of hours and hours of writing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but sometimes I can get very discouraged. That’s because I feel I am not where I want to be as a writer. I feel like maybe I should just go back to school and get a writing degree. 

However, I don’t have time for that and I already have two degrees so I don’t need another one just to placate my insecurities. With this in mind I have to get over myself and sit down and ride out the storm. Writing, good writing does not come easy for anyone not even the greats. We put our every being into the craft and hope to come out with something, anything that is worth being seen by another’s eyes. Even if you are just writing for yourself you still want it to be worth the time you spent.

This little nuance of avoidance by distraction can easily be cured. You just do the work and keep doing the work.  Still though, everyone falls into that little hole of avoidance. What you have to do is make the avoidance tactic work for you. If you gotta be on Facebook look at stories that will give you more ideas for your writing. Life as it written, especially on Facebook, can make for some of the best stories. All I need to do is pick and choose a vibrant story then sit down and write.