Monday, April 27, 2015

Let's talk politics

            So we are another race to run to find out who will be the next leader of the free world we call the United States of America. Most Democrats seem okay with Hilary Clinton being their choice while the Republicans have to make a major decision soon. With that I want to just put my two cents in the bucket.
            While Hilary Clinton would make a good candidate to run for President I don’t believe we the people will allow a woman to take control of the reigns. Now I’ve heard all the reasons why she would make a good President of these United States however there are reasons why I think she might not be who we want to lead us. My first reason is just simple, she’s a woman. Yeah, I said it but there are reasons why I feel that way.
            Women have enough to do as women naturally that it would make something as extremely stressful as being President an intense engagement. Mrs. Clinton would have to revamp everything that makes her a woman in order to be successful as our President. Even though, I know she has probably been through menopause there are still those quirky things that only women go through that would have her spinning as the leader of this country. Being President is hard work and not some fly by night occupation you should have because your husband was once in office.
            Truth be told I don’t know if she ever looks at it in that way. She no doubt would be a good leader; she has already shown us that as Secretary of State. But we are talking about the Presidency now folks. Will she be able to complete the assignment? She didn’t complete the one she already had but still we have fallen for the rhetoric that surrounds her campaign now.
            But I digress. Let’s talk about these folks who want to run as the Republican nominee. First and foremost if Jeb Bush gets the nod, I’m moving to Nigeria. I don’t like dynasties and his nomination as their candidate will make the Bush family the first family yet again. And what have we learned from previous President Bush’s. We might as well say good bye to any legislation that has been successful at serving the people of America in all classes.
            Yet that would be true for most of the other candidates that want to run.  Especially the one who signed up for Obamacare just to make a farce of the best piece of legislation to be put in effect by President Obama. All of the candidates have their hearts set on killing any legislation President Obama has been successful at during his presidency.
            Truthfully, I will vote for anyone who wants to do two major things. Number one would be to increase the minimum wage to a livable wage for everyone. Number two would be centered on educating our children instead of throwing standardized tests at them. It starts as early as  the third grade then follows them through high school. Too many of our children can’t pass the tests in order to graduate with a high school diploma.
     So pay attention people. We have a big decision to make that will affect all parts of our lives. We have a future America to think about. We have a present American to think about. And yes we still have a past America to think about. This is our country, what are we going to do about it?