Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Behind 2015 Ahead

            Last year was full of so many surprises for me personally that I don’t know where to start. The most important thing that happened was that I met, dated, got engaged and married the love of my life. I can tell you the truth though. When we first met each other I never imagined that I would end up as his wife. Now that we are married it’s a wonder why marrying him had not really crossed my mind in the first place. All I will say is this, after you let God in and accept the fact that He truly loves you then and only then will you be able to accept real love from someone. Until then stay single and prepare yourself. Adekunle is my best friend, lover and soon to be father of my children.
           One thing that also happened last year that keeps me guarded is the racial conflicts we have had in this country. The killings of African American males at the hands of police officers are nothing new in my community. However, after the revelation to the media about these atrocities now everyone has witnessed just how unjust some police officers and our justice system really are. Although I am saddened by the lives that have been snuffed out I am glad that eyes have been opened. Black lives matter but more importantly all lives matter.

            Other things that happened last year were on a personal level that helped me to grow. I may have lost a good friend but truth was revealed no matter if neither one of us wants to believe it.  I’ve learned so many valuable lessons on last year and just spending the days with my new husband have been so sweet.  I hope that the year ahead will lead us to places that will continue to grow us and keep us in peace. The year behind was bittersweet but all in all I would not change a thing.

            This year I will be more diligent in my writing career goals. I finally have a writing coach and possible editor. By God’s grace the second edition to Dimes, Profiles and Wives Book I: Who can find her? will be published by year’s end.  Soon after that the second book in the DPW series will also be released. I plan to achieve so many goals this year including losing these last fifty pounds and getting out of debt.  I also plan to write this blog at least once a month. I hope that all I come in contact with witnesses the love of God through my lifestyle. Just remember, I am yet still but a woman, a human being and I will make mistakes along the way. 

            Finally, I want to congratulate my alma mater The Ohio State University on winning the national championship. The Buckeyes held their own in a sea of adversity. They showed just what it means to be truly resilient. After all of the problems that the team faced including losing two quarterbacks in one season and even a death of a teammate, they still found a way to achieve the impossible. I hope that their efforts show the youth of today that as long as you don’t quit you can achieve anything.