Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Task of Writing

            I know I haven’t written a blog in a while, but I have a good excuse. I have started really writing my second novel and the task of writing has been tremendous.  I am a night person, so I usually don’t get into a good groove of writing until late at night. This fact can be cumbersome because then  I sleep until mid-afternoon the next day. However, it is best to continue on with your “flow” instead of stammering along.  This is why I say it is best to write everyday as much as you can especially if you have a project that you need to get done.

            Writing is a skill that allows your creative mind to explode.  Once that explosion has taken place it is very hard to put a lid on it.  But why would you do that?  I know of times when my flow is so heavy that I write for hours at time, sleep a little bit, eat a little bit, and keep right on writing.  Writing everyday has truly helped me to curb that phenomenon though, yet it still happens sometimes.  As I write, I try to make notes but sometimes I don’t even bother which leads to some awesome material because it’s fresh and stimulating.

            Sometimes though, writing can be a task that you just want to leave alone.  This happens often when I have serious writers block or am so busy with my life that I have no real time to commit to writing.  When it gets to the point where I feel like writing is a just a task, I stop and re-evaluate what is really going with the project I am working on.  As a writer, you never want to feel like your craft is nothing but a task because it will stunt your creativity and commitment.  After re-evaluation and maybe a couple days to let it “breathe” and prayer, I get back into the swing of it.  Usually a couple of days are all I need but there has been a time where months have went by and I haven’t produced one word.

            That is frustrating to anyone but probably more so to writers because a lot of us are introverts anyway.  It can be solved though.  All you need is a will to finish the project and before you know it you are back at it again banging on the keys.  Sounds simple but most times it is just that simple.  My advice is don’t let your skill become a task that you feel you have to do for someone but more so a calling that you want to be successful at no matter what the proceeds.