Friday, December 2, 2011

Dimes, Profiles, and Wives

            Tonight I am going to talk about three types of women: Dimes, Profiles and Wives.

            Dimes, hey she sounds simple enough right. The rappers have her down packed and all the women with the nice bodies and lack luster personalities fit the bill.  But even little ole me was a dime at one time.  But who is this woman really?  She’s the kind of girl that pretty much can get any type of man she wants with little or no effort.  Shoot, all she need to do is walk out of the house and somebody, somewhere is gonna take notice.  She’s that it girl, the girl everyone wants to get with.  However, the depth of this woman is something she is not going to let anybody get to and you can spend a lifetime dating these types of women only to realize she is never gonna let her hair down and just be with you.  She may have you, Charlie and Tim wide open and none of you is the guy she really wants.  But when she finally settles, her man is always satisfied.

            So when was I a dime? I’d have to say my late teens early twenties.  Shoot I had so many I had to hide from them.  I remember one time while I was at OSU having two dates in one night.  How I got through those nights was a wonder but I did it effortlessly it seems.  That was until they both showed up at my dorm one night.  I had to get some help from my girlfriends, but I got out of that dilemma pretty much intact. Still though, I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody, male or female, young or old.

            Then there is the profile.   You know her, she keeps a list and sticks to it and will not date anyone who does not fill her application for love.  This is the girl that men love and hate.  She is the one that told you basically you would never measure up to the type of man she deserves even though you are probably the man she really needs.  This girl is a trip and a half.  But she got her stuff together.  She’s that independent woman who most times finds herself alone because no one can tell her what she needs and even her own Mama knows half of the demands on her list are frivolous.  Yet, this single lady may find her knight in shining armor, when she finally loses her glass slipper and lets him chase after her.

            I found out that I could be this mess of stress girl too.  In my late twenties, close to thirty I had a list nobody could meet.  One came close though, we’ll call him Lboogie.  The only good thing about our relationship is we still remain friends to this day.  He has been the only man to meet my every criteria yet we are not together.  Meeting the criteria and being the one you are in love with is not the same damn thing.  I found this out the hard way.  However it was a lovely relationship, probably at the top of the list, so close and yet so far away.

            Then there is the wife.  She is the ideal Proverbs 31 woman of virtue that all men should want to yoke.  This woman is the peak of perfection for her mate.  She is not a dime or profile, she’s not a trophy either.  No, she is the one God divinely ordered to be your wife and you know it.   You love this woman unconditionally because she knows God and has His heart and true wisdom.  She is full grown and whole, yet your rib.

I have been prayerfully trying to be this type of woman since my early thirties.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have been proposed to and accepted.  However that man was not who God had ordained to be my husband.  He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and tried his best to destroy the joy I had.  Still though, there is one out there for me.  Meeting him is something I look forward to, but on this journey I want to share the lives of three young women who live the single life as one of these types.  Turning the pages of my premier book Dimes, Profiles, and Wives will keep you intrigued and praying that you actually be the latter in God’s timing.

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